What is Twin city fashion week

Twin City Fashion Week is an annual event showcasing the stylish, talented and driven individuals who live and work in Winston-Salem. TCFW is more than the clothes - it is about giving to the community, providing opportunities for our citizens and embracing diversity by making anyone and everyone feel welcome in The City of Arts & Innovation. Our name was chosen in honor of the nickname ‘Twin City’ that was given to Winston-Salem after the merging of the City of Winston and the Town of Salem in 1913.


What's the purpose of Twin city Fashion Week? 

The goal of Twin City Fashion Week is to bring together those who celebrate fashion, art and the local businesses that are the foundation of our community. Winston-Salem has been named 'The City of Arts & Innovation' and with that name comes a responsibility that we don't take lightly.

We want to celebrate the art that you create, as well as push the envelope in terms of event production and creative expression every year for you to be entertained and inspired. We are bringing economic impact to local businesses and companies headquartered in Winston-Salem because they are the economic machine that allow us to enjoy the luxuries of living in The City of Arts and Innovation.


Why Should i be a part of twin city fashion Week?

With the expansion of downtown Winston-Salem, we believe that there is an opportunity for young professionals, families, recent college graduates and long-time residents of WS to have an annual event that they can brag about. 

The goal is to have you as a participant, not just be a spectator. If you are a Winston-Salem citizen who wants to get dressed to the nines, stay young and have a family-friendly experience, this is for you. If you have a charity, we want to bring awareness to it through TCFW. If you have a business, our goal is to bring new customers through your door. If you are a busy professional, TCFW gives you an exciting, glamorous and refreshing place to network. If you are a college student or adult aspiring to work in fashion, entertainment or event production, then we give you an opportunity to get your foot in the door of those industries.

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