*Now accepting volunteers for Twin City Fashion Week 2020! Please read the details below carefully*

Twin City Week is about more than the clothes, it is about the people. One of our goals is to provide opportunities for students and citizens of all ages to be a part of Twin City Fashion Week so that they can gain experience in their perspective career path. We are looking for highly driven, focused and organized individuals who can communicate professionally and carry themselves as representations of the city of Winston-Salem and fashion week itself. If that is you then continue reading.

Attendee Assistant 

Our first category of volunteers include our Attendee Assistant volunteers. As customers service volunteers you will serve as 'the face' of Twin City Fashion Week. Therefore, you must be knowledgeable of what's going on, aware of your surroundings, polite and resourceful. Not knowing what to do is not a mistake, but not asking for help is a mistake. Your responsibilities will include but are not limited to: helping to arrange seating, assembling giveaways, assisting vendors/sponsors to their booths, helping setup, collecting tickets, carrying out the ticket purchasing process, seating guests in assigned sections and any other assistance needed before, during or following the show.

Designer Assistant 

Designer Assistant volunteers are considered behind the scenes assistants who will shadow designers and help them with whatever they need assistance with from the time that they arrive at the venue, to the time that they leave the venue following the show. Seeing what happens behind the scenes is fun, but it is where the hardest work is carried out and it can get chaotic. This job requires good listening and organization skills. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to: steaming/ironing garments, dressing/undressing models assigned to your designer, keeping all accessories and clothing brought by designers/vendors organized and together, unpacking, organizing, and repacking all outfits made/brought by designer and knowing all of their models by face & name.

Dress Code

Volunteers will be expected to strictly comply with dress code.

Ladies - white button down blouse, black dress slacks or pencil skirt, and black heels or flats.*

Absolutely NO mini-skirts, t-shirts, printed/patterned top or bottoms, jeans/leggings, tennis shoes, or flip flops. 

Gentlemen- white button down collared shirt, black dress pants, and black loafers or other dress shoes.* 

Absolutely NO patterned/printed tops or bottoms, t-shirts, jeans or sneakers.


*The directors and staff have the right to alter these guidelines at any time. Any changes will be directly communicated to staff via email.


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